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What is Eid al-Adha like in Morocco?

What is Eid al-Adha like in Morocco? Our newest colleague, Olivia, spent Eid with a Moroccan family in a popular neighborhood of Marrakech. Here’s how it went: I can’t claim to have seen or done or heard or smelled Eid al-Adha in all of Morocco. But I did spend the holiday with the Hourri family in M’hamid, a large neighborhood outside the old and new city centers of Marrakech. To the surprise of both my Californian and Moroccan communities, Sunday’s Eid this year was reminiscent of Christmas chez-moi.


A Moroccan Guide : From the Atlas Mountains to the Imperial Cities

My son, you don’t see what I see.  And, I cannot see what you see. By Olivia Lopes This past weekend I met Lahoucein Loutar, one of our guides, to take a Marrakech tour of my own. Our medina tours are tailored to each client’s individual preference—ranging from monument and souk visits to daylong expert architecture and carpet adventures. Because the clients usually decide, I asked Lahoucein to let this day be about his favourite places.


Eat, Pray, Shop …… Fantastic Fez

I last went to Fes a long, long time ago but it had always stayed in my memory as a particularly beautiful city, nestled into a series of hills and harbouring a fantastical medina full of tiny alleyways, bright carpets and laden donkeys. I arrived off the train from Marrakech at dark. The station was a scrum, but I found a friendly taxi driver who took me to the nearest gate into the Medina to Dar Roumana, where we were staying for two of our three nights. Outraged when he found out I was umarried, he immediately proposed but was not at all downcast when I rejected his suit. A porter was at the gate and rolled me through the golden-lit streets to the door of Dar Roumana. A small door, Read the full article…


8 of the best Off-the-beaten-path adventures in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most thrilling destinations on the planet. Here at Epic Morocco, we can really make your experience epic; your journey will besurprising, intriguing and most of all, completely seductive every step of the way. Experience the collocation of a complete culture clash, become charmed by the bright colours of the souks, and fall in love with the traditional lives of the Moroccan nomads. As one of the most diverse countries in Africa, a first time traveller will be met with a landscape of extremes and a culture full of surprises. From the towering heights of the Atlas Mountains and the arid Sahara Desert to the tourist-friendly coastline and the loud, crazy hustle and bustle of Marrakech Square, Morocco is a true delight to the senses. Find Read the full article…

Chefchaouen Day Trip

Chefchaouen – The Blue City

Chefchaouen has to be the most photographed city in Morocco. It lies nestled in the Rif Mountains in the north west of the country, a brilliant blue and white splash against the starkness of the hills. The walls, streets, stairs, alleyways are all painted in various shades of blue from duck egg, through turquoise to a rich shade between royal and marjorelle that is unique to the town. It is an absolutely beautiful place. When you arrive in Chefchaouen, you immediately fall for its magic. You can feel yourself shifting down a gear and relaxing. Apart from its colour, it is famous for being the centre of the Kif (hashish) growing region. No wonder it is so chilled out. But as well as taking time out to wander and wonder, Read the full article…