Epic Portugal!

It’s been a long time…… 13 years and counting since Epic Morocco welcomed its first mountain biking group. It was a one-man show back then, just me, my bike, a spirit of adventure and a handful of biking routes through the wilds of backcountry Morocco. I didn’t know it at the time, but as the years would pass, Epic Morocco would grow in different directions.  As time went on I took on staff (once you take on the first one, the writing is on the wall!), found new partners in the travel industry, new directions and new ideas. Without wanting to sound too clichéd, it’s been a wonderful journey – and as I often say, it’s all about the journey – and it’s one that takes us to another new dawn.
Many will know that last year I found a new business partner in crime – the wonderful Carla Petzold-Beck – upped sticks and moved to Portugal after 14 years in Morocco. A fresh adventure for my family, but also a new look at the world outside Morocco. In Portugal I found a less-developed and unhurried Europe, a place that seemed real, authentic, and in many respects, undiscovered.  The Epic brand  (as it is now known!) is about uncovering authenticity in an interesting, engaging and often adventurous way, and Portugal seems like a perfect fit for this remit.  So, an idea was born, and Epic Portugal has become a reality.
The next two months is a period of travel and research by two members of the team, together with me. A journey to uncover the best in hidden, character-full places to stay that are off-beat, interesting, adventurous and, above all, offer unique experiences; and, of course, the best places to discover both on and off the beaten track.
So the Epic family is growing! Please follow our progress on social media and visit our (for the moment) temporary website : www.epicportugal.co.uk
Who knows where the journey will take us in the next 13 years……
Charlie Shepherd, Founder