Morocco in March – What to See and Where to Go

March is one of the best times of the year to visit Morocco, with the colder winter weather being thrown off by the warm rays of springtime.

Travel to its vibrant cities for unbeatable cultural experiences or explore the temperate climes of the Mediterranean without the crowds.

The Weather

March is fairly quiet in terms of tourism, although the cities will still be bustling. Many travellers choose to hold off visiting until later in the year, as high altitude destinations such as the Atlas Mountains may still be snowed out and the Sahara Desert can be freezing cold at night, although very pleasant during the day.

The Mediterranean however, will be sunny and hot, and you might just find some great shoulder season deals too, while also finding that daily temperatures rise to well over 20 degrees Celsius.

Atlas Mountains

What to See

M’Hamid El Ghizlane

Found on the far edge of Morocco in the middle of the Sahara Desert, M’Hamid El Ghizlane is a beautiful oasis of green pastures and ramshackle mud-brick houses. In March, this otherwise unassuming town becomes the scene of the International Nomad Festivals, a wonderful celebration of local culture.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert can be cold in the evenings and overnight during March, but you will find that it’s worth braving the chill for the pleasant daytime temperatures. Organise a trek through the sand dunes or go on a classic nomadic-style safari.


Morocco is home to some excellent beaches, and throughout March you will find that many of the best are still very much under-visited despite ever-warmer temperatures. This is a great time to experience the coast without the crowds. Head to Agadir to experience a usually bustling shorefront or relax in the sun at Martil, one of the Mediterranean’s most popular coastal haunts.

Where to Go


Perhaps the most well known city in Morocco is about to get busy, but in March, you will still be just ahead of the game and will be able to enjoy this incredible cultural and historic destination without the crowds. Explore the authentic markets, try the local cuisine, and even use the city as a base to head out into the Sahara Desert or into the high reaches of the Atlas Mountains.



Tangier is a famous place, but a destination that fell off the tourism radar in Morocco in recent decades despite its bohemian past. Overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, this is where cultures clash and where history collides. In March, with the cool weather, you have the perfect conditions for exploring the busy streets of Tangier on foot.


On the shores of the Mediterranean, Tetouan is a diverse coastal city with a wonderful history to explore. The main sight here is the UNESCO World Heritage Medina, where you can explore the past and the present through its culture, vendors and architecture. Tetouan is also located close to some of the best beaches in Morocco, and you can easily use the city as a base to visit beautiful stretches of sand such as those found at Martil.

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Morocco in July – The Best Things to See and Do

Morocco has great weather all-year-round, but in July, this country experiences plenty of heat. While hot weather may not be for everyone, July in Morocco offers plenty of activities, unique desert experiences, and cultural charm. Here’s what to see and do in Morocco if you’re visiting during July.


Escape the big city crowds by lounging around this coastal town. The ocean breeze will help you cool off as you wander around the city and check out the medina. Pop into the art galleries to escape the July heat, and marvel at the beautiful works of architecture as they shade you from the sun.

Sunset over the ocean in Morocco

Spend The Night in The Sahara Desert

While the hot desert may be the last place you want to visit in July, it actually is a top choice, especially at night. When the sun goes down, the weather becomes so cool that you may need a jacket to keep warm. If you can handle the heat during the day, take a camel ride or a tour. At night, stay in a luxury camping tent and enjoy mint tea, authentic food, and local entertainment.

Camping in the Sahara

Lounge on Saidia Beach

When it’s hot in Morocco, it’s best to head to the beach. There are quite a few but Saidia is one of the prettiest. It can be found along the Mediterranean coast and comes alive during the summertime. Grab a beach umbrella, a cold drink, and give yourself plenty of time to play in the ocean waves.

Visit The Waterfalls

Morocco is home to quite a few refreshing waterfalls. Just standing close to the spray is enough to cool you off from the summer heat. The top falls to visit are Ouzoud Falls, which stands at 100 meters high. There’s also Ourika Valley, Paradise Valley, Akchour Waterfalls, and Oum Rabia Waterfalls. If you’re feeling especially brave, take a dip to beat the heat.

International Cultural Festival

Asilah, a town along Morocco’s coast, is a haven for artists and creatives, and is the location of the International Cultural Festival. The walled city is full of murals, and draws in artists from all around the world. During this two-week event, the artists turn public spaces into creative works that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Artist on the street

Timitar Music Festival

This festival takes place on the Atlantic coast city of Agadir. It’s one of the largest music festivals in the country, and stretches over the course of four days. That’s four full days of music and culture that you’ll share with over 800,000 other people.

Alegria Festival

Depending on the year, this festival can fall during the month of July. It takes place in Chefchaouen, a town famous for its bright, blue buildings. The festival celebrates cultural expression, art, and music amongst a beautiful setting. Various cultures from Africa, southern Mediterranean, and Latin America come together to share their stories, music, and artwork.


Morocco in July is hot but it’s worth a visit because the country is buzzing with activity. It’s a popular time for tourists and interesting festivals. Find a few ways to keep cool and brave the heat to experience this great country in the summer.