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19 Tips for Visiting Marrakech

It’s historic, colorful, brimming with culture, and probably a lot different from your hometown. Marrakech was once an imperial city, leaving it filled with stunning mosques, gardens, and palaces. It’s a medieval city, protected by an aging wall, and keeping to its roots with bustling souk culture. Marrakech is a dream for those who love […]

17 Places You Have to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most interesting countries in the world; a melting pot of Berber, Arabian and European cultures. There’s a unique fusion of influences that is evident in the history, architecture and culinary experiences that travellers often encounter. And offering a bold contrast of desert, mountain and urban landscapes, Morocco is a place […]

Morocco’s Mountain Ranges: The Ultimate Guide

With the dazzling sights of Marrakech, the pretty coastline in Agadir, or the romantic draw of Casablanca, it’s easy to become distracted by all the amazing things that Morocco has to offer. Its cities are magical, each with their own unique charms and they give travellers a sense of the exotic through their colourful souks […]

A Guide to the Best Cities in Morocco

Although the traditional medinas, souks, bazaars and market squares are features of all Moroccan cities, each one has its own unique character. If you’re looking for a city break in Morocco or want to stop off on your way to the mountain or the desert regions, be sure to visit at least one of the […]

Here Are the Best Things to Do in Marrakech (37 of them!)

Colourful hanging carpets, whiffs of spice as you walk through the souk (market), and camels elegantly crossing sand dunes is what comes to mind when you think of Morocco. But that would be just another touristy day that anyone can do. We want you to taste Morocco for what it really is, in its detail. […]

Why I love Morocco

By Alice Morrison Every month, I really enjoy writing my guest blog for Epic Morocco and this month I was talking to the MD, Carla, about what I should blog about: Things to do in Lalla Takerkoust? Top mountain biking tips? How they make the colourful pottery of Safi? “No,” she said. “All the news […]

Marathon des Sables Race Report

By Charlie Shepherd All I’m drawing out of the straw of my last water bottle is air. I’m running on empty in the Sahara Desert but I’m ok, as, squinting into the setting sun, I can see the nomad tent colony of Checkpoint 4 laid out on the sandy plateau to the west. I’m hot, […]

17 of the Best Beaches in Morocco

While perhaps best known for its towering Saharan dunes, and bustling, colourful souks, Morocco has plenty to offer for the beach-lover too, whether you’re looking for big waves to surf or quality family time. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the northeast, and the wild Atlantic Ocean to the west where you’ll find popular destinations […]

50 Fabulous Facts about Morocco

Here is a list of interesting, strange and sometimes funny things that you should know about Morocco before or after your visit. They will make you the toast of the pub quiz! Morocco in Arabic is Al Maghreb which means the place where the sun sets It borders two seas It is only 8 miles […]

How to take the best photos of Morocco

Morocco is a stunningly beautiful country with an extraordinarily varied terrain, perfect for taking photos. Tiny berber villages cling to the rock, towering mountains are dazzling in the snow, the desert is magical by day and night and the ancient walled city of Marrakech brings you scenes unchanged by centuries. To showcase some of what […]