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Top Ten Things to Do in Essaouira

Essaouira is a beautiful seaside resort just a couple of hours drive away from Marrakech. Endless stretches of white sand, palm trees, camels at sunset and a pretty white-washed town with a harbour filled with bright blue boats. But don’t be misled by the chilled atmosphere and laid back vibe. This is the Cannes of […]

9 of the best Morocco blogs

There is a wealth of writing talent and local knowledge based here in Morocco that we regularly catch up with. Bloggers covering everything from romance  to TEDx Marrakech; from drum making to where to get a sneaky glass of wine in the medina. Of course there is our blog too which looks at the more adventurous […]

What to wear in Morocco

By Alice Morrison “What should I wear in Morocco? This is a question that we very often get asked before people come over on holiday and although there is no one correct answer, we will try to give you some good ideas and options for things to pack. Morocco is a Muslim country but also […]

The Best Time to Visit Morocco

Morocco is a land of diverse landscapes, majestic architecture, vibrant colours and heady spices. From the white-topped Atlas Mountains and the azure seas to the rich orange-gold hues and unpolluted starlit skies of the Sahara, the explosion of colours are reflected in the rich culture and heritage of this ancient and exotic land. The diversity […]


Flying high over Marrakech By Alice Morrison. I woke up with a jump as the alarm went off at 5.00 am for my pick up. My first ever hot air balloon ride with Ciel D’Afrique. I was excited but slightly nervous, my Mum’s message had been, “Have fun, but remember balloons can pop!”. Any qualms […]

11 Must Try Moroccan Foods

11 Must Try Moroccan Foods By Alice Morrison   11 Must Try Moroccan Foods is quite an ask …. There are so many to choose from! Morocco is rightly famous for its cuisine, which is unique to this country lying between Africa , the Middle East and Europe. Many of the Mediterranean countries like Greece, […]

37 Awesome Things to Do in Marvellous Morocco

Morocco is one of the most magical places in the world. From the traditional riads that take you back in time, to the intricate carpets hanging in every market. From the multi-coloured madness exploding in the tanneries of Fes to those forgotten villages hidden in the Atlas Mountains, everything about Morocco is captivating. Wherever you […]

Six of the best trail runs in Morocco

Morocco has become something of a Mecca for trail and ultra marathon running. The country is a veritable playground for adventurers of any kind with the huge variation in terrain and climate in a relatively small geographical area. When you add to that, a local passion for running and a hugely friendly running community, it […]

Chefchaouen – The Blue City

Chefchaouen has to be the most photographed city in Morocco. It lies nestled in the Rif Mountains in the north west of the country, a brilliant blue and white splash against the starkness of the hills. The walls, streets, stairs, alleyways are all painted in various shades of blue from duck egg, through turquoise to […]