Foum Tizza is a desert dunefield near the small town of Tazzarine. It’s a remote and under-visited area and a perfect place to experience the wild isolation of the Sahara. With its blue-black rocks and yellow sands, it’s a beautiful stopping point on a journey around the south – and also a particularly good place for an overnight desert camp where you can witness the glorious colours of a Sahara sunset and sunrise.

Where To Stay



Experience the desert overnight, away from the crowds in your own private luxury camp. We can design this to suit your needs and your group and know our favourite spots in the desert to make this experience just right for you. All the elements will be arranged for you: cosy, luxurious tents, excellent food, camel trekking and comfortable 4x4s so that you travel in style. Contact us for more details.

What To Do



A 4x4 is the perfect mode of transport for the desert – comfortable, spacious and offering amazing views so that you can travel through Morocco in style and enjoy all that the country has to offer. We can organise trips to suit your schedule and your needs and offer you experienced and knowledgeable drivers to accompany you on your journey.

Foum Tizza

Best time to visit : Oct. / April Infrastructure : private camp Environment : desert Journey Time : 6 hrs from M'kech Access : by 4x4