Imlil : Gateway to Toubkal

Imlil is a small but bustling village just an hour and a half from Marrakech. It lies at the foot of the Toubkal Mountain Range and is the gateway to the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. It is a centre for all sorts of outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, trail running…. but it is also a haven of peace and tranquillity. Cherry and apple orchards, flank the slopes and magnificent walnut trees shade your path.

When you come to Morocco, it is a real “must see” and here are the five top things to do in Imlil

1. Climb Mount Toubkal. It is the highest mountain in North Africa at 4,167 and you will need an ice axe and crampons well into the spring months to combat the snow at the top. But, it is within reach of any fit hiker and the views from the top are incredible.

2. Laze around in Douar Samra this stunning Berber guest house is set in tranquil gardens, surrounded by trees. It has its own kitchen garden, donkey and ducks and the best cook in the Atlas Mountains, Rachida. There are soft loungers on the sun terrace, hammocks in shady spots, and cushioned nooks where you can relax, read, play boardgames or play with Nicola the big, fat house cat.

3. Mountain bike up the winding road and over the pass down for some fabulous riding on the piste, through tiny villages and down winding escarpments. Or, if you are an adrenaline junkie, we can take your bike up to the top of the Tizi Mizik pass by mule and you can slam the descent. This is only for very confident riders as it is pretty hairy.

4. Shop for local goods and avoid the craziness of the Marrakech Medina. If you turn up towards Kasbah de Toubkal, through the walnut trees, you will find a lovely local women’s co-operative which sells argan oil products of the highest quality. There is also a well-priced carpet shop, the Adrar Carpet Co-operative, which has some nice, original pieces made in the surrounding area.

5. Get busy with your camera. This is a stunning place and the light on the hills is magnificent. Whether you have a smart phone or a top-of-the-rage cannon, take some time to go and look through the lens.

Many of our organised trips pass through Imlil and of course, we can give you lots of options on a tailor made trip

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