Selected Journeys Through Morocco


For those with an active focus and for those with less available time, there is little better than to explore the region around Marrakech, and more specifically, the area bounded by Marrakech, the Agafay Desert and the Toubkal National Park. The region possesses great riches, and all of this variety of landscape and experience exists within an incredibly compact geographical area. For lovers of the outdoors, the mountains and the desert provide remote and beautiful experiences that are very hard to find in Europe, and our passion and knowledge of Morocco’s more off-the-beaten-track places makes us well equipped to prepare special journeys through these areas, whether on foot, horseback, by bike, or by 4×4. This…


As a first trip to Morocco, and for those who favour variety without covering long distances, the compact and highly diverse regions of Marrakech, the High Atlas Mountains, the Agafay Desert and Essaouira provide a perfect solution for holidays of between seven and ten days. Each region is distinctive and offers a different aspect of Moroccan life – whether it be the frenetic warren of alleyways in the medieval medina of Marrakech, the tranquil and scenic villages of North Africa’s highest mountain range, or the laidback and Bohemian fort town of Essaouira on the wild shores of the Atlantic. The journey starts in Marrakech, where we recommend you take advantage of a choice of different styles of accommodation, enjoy…


Morocco has so many facets, from sweeping, majestic, landscapes to absorbing and intoxicating cities. This itinerary showcases the best of Morocco and is ideally suited to those seeking to go on a “journey” through the country’s stunningly-varied landscapes. It’s a journey that requires you to have a thirst for discovery, and its fast pace and long distances makes it recommended for adventurous travellers who want to see as much as possible in a short period of time. The itinerary offers cultural experiences at every turn, plus the best of Morocco’s natural environment, from the Sahara Desert to the High Atlas and Middle Atlas Mountains, with the Imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakech also featuring….


Sometimes it’s all about the journey, and this is one of our finest adventures, taking in the south of Morocco, both desert and Atlantic Coast. It’s an itinerary suited to adventurous travellers who are less concerned with headlining sites and more interested in discovering a corner of Morocco that sees fewer foreign visitors, and when it does, they are of the more adventurous variety! The trip starts in Marrakech and finishes in the fishing village of Mirleft and en route takes you, by 4×4, over the High Atlas Mountains, then following the upper reaches of the longest river in Morocco, across Erg Chegaga – a wilderness of sand dunes, oases and desert plateaux, before joining more of the grand palm oases of the…


Undoubtedly among Morocco’s finest treasures are its vast and remote desert landscapes, situated to the south of the High Atlas Mountains. Morocco’s Sahara is characterised by ancient fortresses crumbling into ruin, mighty oases of date palm trees, big skies and wide open spaces where sand dunes compete with rugged mountains across a wild a windswept landscape. The best way to discover the south of Morocco is on a road-trip style journey where it’s as much about what you see en route as it is about your eventual destination at the gateway of the Sahara Desert. This week-long itinerary starts in Marrakech and features a four day journey (or longer depending on requirements) through the highest mountains in North…


Many people associate Morocco with the crumbling kasbahs, palm oases and Saharan dunes of the deep south, but the north of the country offers an equally enticing, albeit very different, experience. The cities of Rabat, Tangier and Fez are not only steeped in history, but each has a character of its own that helps to make this a special journey. Add to this the country’s prettiest town, Chefchaouen and the most southerly ruins of the Roman Empire and you have a complete and thoroughly absorbing journey. Starting out from Casablanca the “northern loop” makes its first stop in Rabat where you will sample what the country’s capital has to offer in its historic monuments and coastal location. Tangier, Morocco’s gateway…


In Morocco we have many favourite places, but very close to the top of our list is Ait Bougmez. Down the years we have accumulated friends, experiences and great memories, and many of our team come from what is arguably the most beautiful mountain valley in Morocco. Trekkers refer to Bougmez as “The Happy Valley” on account of the exceptionally friendly and welcoming disposition of its inhabitants. In addition to the friendliness, it’s a place of mellow mud villages shaded by walnut trees, farmer’s fields criss-crossed with tiny streams, a network of scenic footpaths and a backdrop of towering mountains. The hiking plan in the valley is adaptable to individual requirements – from gentle walks in the valley, to a…

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