Jebel Saghro Adventure Holidays

Wild and forbidding from afar, enchanting from within, the Jebel Saghro is a remote and engrossing mountain range between the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Characterised by volcanic peaks, angular table-top mountains and small isolated farmsteads and oases, the Saghro is a mountain range best explored on foot. Here we organise encounters with families from the Ait Atta tribe of nomads, and hikes that traverse the range from north to south. Accommodation is limited to some good guesthouses in N’Kob (southern access), and some very basic village houses in the range itself. That said, camping is the best way to spend your nights in the Saghro so please contact us to find out about trekking possibilities in one of our favourite mountain ranges in Morocco.



Camp in the wilderness with the Ait Atta tribe on one of our tailor-made nomadic camping experiences. See the night sky as you have never seen it before and then retire to sleep in Berber tents. Discover the culture and traditions of this ancient, southern warrior tribe. An opportunity not to be missed!


A peaceful, fully-restored Kasbah in the quiet town of N’Kob, this hotel is the perfect place to relax after trekking in the Jebel Saghro and a great stopping point between Merzouga and Marrakech. Simple but beautiful, with excellent food which you can enjoy by the pool or the fire, depending on the time of year! Discover the traditions of the Berbers of the south as you rest in this historic fortress. Prices for a double room start at £27.



Twice a year the semi-nomadic tribe of the Ait Atta migrate in search of pastures for their vast flocks of animals. Join them for a day and experience life through their eyes – you’ll witness traditions handed down through centuries of Ait Atta civilisation. Overnight accommodation is in tents in wilderness locations. An enthralling and unique cultural experience.


The Jebel Saghro has much to offer in terms of hiking – a remote and dramatic mountain range in the south of Morocco steepled with volcanic peaks and criss-crossed with gorges. This is a wild and harsh landscape waiting to be explored – and it is best explored on foot…


Best time to visit : October / May
Population : sparsely populated
Temperature range : 20-38°C
Infrastructure : guesthouses in N’Kob
Environment : arid mountains
Journey Time : 2 hrs Ouarzazate


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