Jebel Zireg Adventure Holidays

If you’re looking for an adventure off the beaten track, then Jebel Zireg awaits you. This area sees far fewer tourists than the other desert regions of Morocco but has a lot to offer – stunning sand dunes, mountains, the green, umbrella-like acacia trees – and an awe-inspiring sense of isolation. This is a place where you can breathe deeply and freely and also make the most of the desert – a day’s hiking or a camel trek are perfect ways to explore this vast, sandy nomadic region.



Surrounded by its own dunes, set deep into the desert, is the secluded and private Atta Desert Camp. A perfect place to experience the nomadic life of the southern Berbers, you can enjoy a night in the desert in their comfortable tents lined on the outside with goat and camel hair covers which make them both warm (essential on cold desert nights) and private. We recommend this camp for its welcoming staff, delicious food, eco-friendly solar power and, of course, the chance to sand board down the dunes.


Enjoy the privacy and luxury of your own desert camp – an amazing way to rest and relax after a long, desert journey. No trip to the desert is complete without an overnight stay under the vast star-filled skies and the chance to witness the glorious dawn colours rising over the dunes – and we know the perfect spots where you can experience all this and more. Just let us know the needs and requirements of your group and we will organise a camp for you. Contact us for more details.



A visit to Jebel Zireg is a great inclusion in any off-load itinerary in the south of Morocco between the Draa Valley and Merzouga. You can hike or trek on camels from your camp and witness the glorious isolation of this desert area led by one of our experienced and knowledgeable guides.


Altitude : 600m
Best time to visit : Oct. / May
Temperature range : 12-45°C
Infrastructure : desert camps
Environment : sand dune desert
Journey Time : 6 hrs Ouarzazate
Access : by 4×4 only


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