Although less frequented than either the High or the Anti Atlas, the Middle Atlas Mountains have much to offer. Cedar-covered slopes are lined with streams and rivers; endangered Barbary apes roam through dense forests; and volcanic lakes, waterfalls and natural springs water the landscape. Perfect for hiking, the Middle Atlas area also offers interesting towns such as Sefrou and Azrou with their medinas and markets. Visit in spring to see the stunning seasonal flowers – a riot of red, yellow and purple – or in June to witness the annual Fête des Cerises (cherry festival) in Sefrou.

Where To Stay



Unique in Morocco with its Swiss-style architecture, Ifrane is only an hour’s drive from Fez or Meknes. We recommend a luxury retreat in the Michlifen Suites as you explore this forested, often snow-covered exception in Morocco, set at an altitude of 1650m. With friendly service and superb facilities to enjoy, come, relax and rest in these comfortable surroundings.

What To Do

Middle Atlas Cedar Forests


Take a guided trip to the Middle Atlas cedar forests in the comfort of a 4x4 and hike through the dense woodlands in this mountainous area. The highest tree in the area - Gouraud’s Cedar – stands at 40m tall and is also said to be Morocco’s oldest at roughly 800 years. Witness wildlife you won’t see elsewhere in the country and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful break to the busier city life of Morocco’s medinas.

Middle Atlas Mountains

Altitude : 1800m Best time to visit : Year round Temperature range : 0-30°C Infrastructure : rural and limited Environment : mountains and forests Journey Time : 1 hr from Fez Access : by car