11 Must Try Moroccan Foods

11 Must Try Moroccan Foods

By Alice Morrison


11 Must Try Moroccan Foods is quite an ask …. There are so many to choose from! Morocco is rightly famous for its cuisine, which is unique to this country lying between Africa , the Middle East and Europe. Many of the Mediterranean countries like Greece, Turkey and Lebanon have a common basis to their cooking but Morocco has developed something entirely different. Fantastically fresh, naturally organic ingredients, a fusion of African, Arab and Amazigh (Berber) flavours and a liberal usage of spices are combined in the best of Moroccan cooking. Cooking classes and gastronomic tours are extremely popular here, and it is easy to see why. Here are our top 11 must try Moroccan Foods in descending order.

  1. Corne De Gazelle. This is Morocco’s favourite pastry. It means Horn of the Gazelle and is a delicate pastry filled with a fresh almond paste. It gets its name from its shape.
  1. Snails. Fresh, cooked snails are sold at little stalls in all the main squares and on the market corners. Popular all year round, but especially on cold winter nights, the snails are served in a hot, peppery soup. You drink it up as you winkle the snails out of their shells.
  1. Dates. If you thought there was only one type of date, the kind you get in the supermarket at Christmas, think again. If you visit any of the stalls in the markets, you will be offered a plethora of dates which are all subtly different. The price matches the quality, but they are always a bargain.


  1. Bastilla. This sweet and savoury combination can be filled with a variety of different meats or vegetables. Our particular favourite is chicken. Bastilla is a pocket of very delicate pastry, filled with a spicy meat/vegetable and then lightly dusted in sugar.
  1. Tripe and beans. This is one that you will either love or hate. The white beans are prepared with masses of garlic and a bit of cumin and are delicious in their own right, but if you have an adventurous spirit then go for a little bit of frilly tripe on top.
  1. Kefta with eggs. A hot, sizzling dish of spicy meatballs in a tomato sauce with eggs poached perfectly on top.


11 Must try moroccan food by Epic morocco

  1. Merguez are Morocco’s famous sausage. Lean and hot, you can buy these from the street sellers stuffed into a piece of freshly baked bread. It’ll only cost you a few dirhams and we guarantee you a feast.
  1. Bessara soup can be eaten at any time including breakfast and is one of the traditional ways of breaking the fast at Ramadan. It is made from broad beans with garlic, cumin and paprika. During Ramadan it is traditionally eaten with some dates and a very sweet pastry called Shebakiyya. It may sound strange but it is a delicious combination.


  1. Tangia is a very traditional dish in Marrrakech. It is named after the urn shaped clay pot that it is cooked in and it is a rich, slow-cooked stew. You may have to order this one in advance, and if you look closely in the medina you can see the pots being taken to the communal bread oven where they cook all day.
  1. Tangia is a very traditional dish in Marrrakech. It is named after the urn shaped clay pot that it is cooked in and it is a rich, slow-cooked stew. You may have to order this one in advance, and if you look closely in the medina you can see the pots being taken to the communal bread oven where they cook all day.


Epic Morocco Moroccan Food

Epic Morocco Moroccan Food

    1. Tagine has to be our number one. A tagine is simply something that is cooked in the tagine pot – the clay pot with the pointed lid that could stand as a symbol of Morocco. Whatever your preference is, sweet, spicy, sour, robust… you will find it in a tagine. Beef and prunes, chicken and olives, goat and vegetables are just three of our office favourites. And one of the great things about the tagine is that traditionally it is a dish you share, with everyone sitting around the dish, using their bread as cutlery.

Choosing just 11 dishes has been difficult but we hope you enjoy the selection.  If you would like to come over and taste for yourself, or learn to cook some of these dishes, email us at

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Chefchaouen – The Blue City

Epic Morocco Travel

Chefchaouen has to be the most photographed city in Morocco. It lies nestled in the Rif Mountains in the north west of the country, a brilliant blue and white splash against the starkness of the hills. The walls, streets, stairs, alleyways are all painted in various shades of blue from duck egg, through turquoise to a rich shade between royal and marjorelle that is unique to the town. It is an absolutely beautiful place.

When you arrive in Chefchaouen, you immediately fall for its magic. You can feel yourself shifting down a gear and relaxing. Apart from its colour, it is famous for being the centre of the Kif (hashish) growing region. No wonder it is so chilled out. But as well as taking time out to wander and wonder, there are some great things to do and here are our top three.

1. Take a short hike out of the city up to the Spanish Mosque. It sits halfway up the hillside and gives you the best view of the town. You leave the median through the old gate, cross through the orange juice sellers and up to the steps cut into the wall. It takes about twenty minutes and the path is shaded by cedars and cherry trees. You’ll share it with women carrying big baskets of supplies down to town and the occasional worshipper. It is called the Spanish Mosque because it is actually a converted church, something that is clear to see when you get there. After the final flight of steps, you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding mountains and plains.

2. Stop at Volubilis on your way. If you are lucky enough to get to this ancient Roman site before the crowds, take a moment to enjoy the early sun glowing on the magnificent archways and watch the storks who have taken up squatters rights on the tops of the columns, converting them into handy bases for their enormous nests. The setting for Volubilis is a jewel green range of hills and valleys where apparently elephants, bears and lions used to live in abundance. They were trapped and shipped off to die in Rome’s circuses and are now extinct, remembered only in the magnificent mosaic floors of the site.

Epic Morocco tailor Made Adventure to Volubilis

3. Stay at Casa Perleta, a gorgeous Riad in the heart of the old town. Concha and her husband came to Chefchaouen on holiday and never really left. They bought and renovated the Riad, filling it with hand carved furniture, pretty fabrics and old and new artwork, including works by Javier Reta, who combines photography and paint, and sometimes straw!, in his pictures of Moroccan women. The roof terrace lets you spy on your neighbours and also gives you a sweeping view to the mountains and is the ideal place for a long, lazy breakfast. Concha and her team can also advise you on where to go and what to do in the town. It’s like having your own personal tour guide.

We stayed for just two days in the town, but you can easily make it your base for longer and combine it with a more intense hike into the mountains or day trips to Tangier and the coast. However long you decide to spend in Chefchaouen, it will reward you with its beauty and tranquillity.

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