Top 10 family friendly things to do in Morocco


family friendly holidays in morocco

Family friendly are words that could sum up Morocco. There is so much to do for everyone and children are welcomed everywhere with open arms. Having tried out lots of different things, this is what we have come up with as our top ten family friendly things to do in Morocco. Of course, we are starting with ten….

10. Have a freshly squeezed orange juice in Jema El Fnaa. I was reliably informed by my 14 year old nephew that it was the best he had ever tasted.

9. Ride home in a caleche at sunset. This was actually chosen because Aunty Alice (me) likes it so much but it went down a treat.

8. Eat an ice cream at Dino’s in Gueliz, Marrakech. They are the biggest ice creams you could imagine with a wild assortment of flavours and toppings. The aim is to get one so big that you can’t see over the top of it.

7. Try on a turban or two. You may have to do this by default as two adults and two children walking through the Marrakech medina are like catnip to the shop owners.

6. Volunteer at a charity for a morning. All four of us went to Project Soar which empowers girls aged 5 – 15 through sport and art. A very, very fast and raucous game of football ensued. Brother Robbie made an excellent (if biased towards the losing team) ref.


5. Go hiking in the mountains for a couple of days. Before we did this, I was worried that the kids wouldn’t enjoy it and would find it hard and a bit boring. But I was wrong, not least because we had the wonderful Noureddine Bachar as our guide. It was also really special for my brother and I, walking through the unspoilt beauty of the Atlas in spring sunshine, and stopping off at tiny villages to enjoy traditional hospitality.

4. Hoist yourself onto a camel and take off down the beach. I sat and had a coffee and watched. When I asked what it was like, I was told, “Bumpy but great!”

3. Give the kids time out by the pool. But make sure you slather on that suntan cream. We had a couple of random red patches where bits of translucent Scottish skin had been missed.

2. Body surf in the big waves of the Atlantic at Taghazoute. There are endless beaches and the waves crash in on the tides. You have to be a little bit careful as there are some quite big rollers but you can always seek out a slightly quieter spot. Top adrenalin excitement.

1. Quad biking in the Palmeraie. An hour and a half of whizzing round the desert and palm gardens came up as everyone’s favourite thing to do. Georgie, at eleven, proved herself much braver than me and Jamie was immediately a master. Super, super fun.

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family friendly holidays in morocco quad biking in the palmeraie