Top Ten Things to Do in Essaouira

Essaouira is a beautiful seaside resort just a couple of hours drive away from Marrakech. Endless stretches of white sand, palm trees, camels at sunset and a pretty white-washed town with a harbour filled with bright blue boats. But don’t be misled by the chilled atmosphere and laid back vibe. This is the Cannes of North Africa with festivals, celebrities and some very upscale eating and shopping.

So here are Epic Morocco’s top ten tips for what to do in Essaouira

1. Listen to some Gnaoua music. With its origins in the slave music of Ghana, overlaid with Moroccan beats and Sufi rythmns, you’ll soon be twirling your tasselled red cap along with the best of them. There is an annual festival in May which brings in musicians from all over Africa.
2. Eat fish. It’s so fresh it almost swims off the plate.
3. Buy a knitted hat. They are only ten dirhams, hand made in all the colours of the rainbow.
4. Drink some sugar cane juice, freshly squeezed by a man with a cart. 7 dhs a pop (less than 50p)
5. Unleash your inner hippy and get a henna tattoo.
6. Wear a turban. It is the latest in summer headwear and all the cool chicos and chicas are sporting them.
7. Treat yourself to a gluten free crepe at Creperie Mogador, 4 Derb Laloouj. So good, we went back twice …. before lunch.
8. Buy some beautiful handmade silver jewellery from Corallo, 45 Av. Mohammed Ben Abdallah. If you buy as much as we did, you will also get a kiss from the Italian Designer.
9. Ride a camel along the beach at sunset. Corny? Maybe. Fabulous? Definitely.
10. Hang out with some hipsters. The coolest of Morocco’s boys and girls come here to play and if you have a predilection for beards, great shirts, hats and man-jewellery, check out Mega Loft, 49 Rue al Yeman. Great food and live music.

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